South Dakota Department of Tourism - sitemap

About the Department of Tourism

The South Dakota Department of Tourismís mission is to promote the state as a premier vacation destination to all visitors and to support and serve the South Dakota visitor industry.

Tourism is separated into four teams specializing in media and public relations, travel and trade, marketing and brand strategy, and industry outreach and development. The four teams strive to tell the South Dakota story to potential visitors while keeping our marketing consistent.

Whether itís promoting South Dakota's legacy attractions like Mount Rushmore National Memorial or our world class pheasant hunting experience, itís a privilege to tell people about our great destinations. We love to tell the story of the rich culture of the Native Americans and the history of pioneers like Laura Ingalls Wilder.

The South Dakota Department of Tourism is made up of two divisions: Tourism and the South Dakota Arts Council. Together, weíre here to serve the people of South Dakota and all who come to meet our Great Faces and explore our Great Places.


Secretary of the Department of Tourism: James D. Hagen

Jim Hagen


Deputy Secretary: Wanda Goodman

Wanda Goodman


     Executive Assistant: Harla Jessop
     Administrative Assistant & Project Specialist: Teresa Tople

Harla Jessop Teresa Tople