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2008 Shoulder Campaign: Research and E-Commerce Strategies

Ecommerce Strategies

In an effort to maintain consistency with our branding across all of our marketing, we completed a redesign of our hunting site We use this site as our primary call to action for our web marketing, direct mail, email marketing and PPC efforts. In addition to the site redesign, we developed a micro-site to support the pheasantennial promotion elements.

Web Marketing

For the 2008 Shoulder season we will have banner ads listed on Total Outdoor Network and as well as lead generation efforts with This, combined with an aggressive PPC campaign on Google, Yahoo and MSN, will give the campaign a strong boost and serve as a major component for lead generation.

Travelsmart E-newsletter

The monthly Travelsmart email will continue throughout the shoulder season. We will again be providing consumers with content that is relevant and useful in vacation planning. This effort is and has been one of the most effective tools for communicating with our existing audience and is also an effective conversion tool for

Sportsman CRM

The Ecommerce team is currently working toward a goal of improved Customer Relationship Management. By providing brief but frequent messaging and automated emails to our consumers, we strive to strengthen our relationship with them. Some of our enhancements include personalization of messaging, dynamic content, automated responses and consistent scheduled messaging through the use of both direct mail and email marketing.

Research Strategies

Targeted Direct Mail

By utilizing a scoring method to target a prime audience, the research team played a critical role in support of the fall direct mail promotion which included messages to promote the South Dakota Pheasantennial and late season hunting.

Campaign Effectiveness

The research team is and will remain a key element in the marketing team as they incorporate research from previous studies, focus groups, surveys and historical campaign data into the development of all of our marketing efforts. We will also be keeping a close eye on the effectiveness of our marketing throughout the shoulder season so adjustments can be made if needed.