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TravelSouthDakota Industry Portal (formerly is the Department of Tourism's consumer website. It has been redesigned and the new site was launched in late March. (Note: The address will continue to work, but is no longer the official name of the site.)

The TravelSouthDakota Industry Portal is the new online system that tourism-related businesses and organizations use to list their business information on the new website. These listings are free of charge.

If you had a business listing on the old, none of your content carried over to the new website. So, now is the perfect time to have your latest and most up-to-date information available to visitors who are preparing for upcoming travels.

All content will be reviewed by Department of Tourism staff before going live on the site. In addition, the Department of Tourism reserves the right to approve, edit or decline any Business Account or Business Listing request.


Business Account

The TravelSouthDakota Industry Portal requires that you first have a Business Account to access the system. After creating a Business Account, approved account holders may then create and maintain their own, individual Business Listing(s).

NOTE: The Business Accounts are NOT the same as the old Content Management System (TravelSD Co-op) or the Online Payment System. Everyone will need a new Business Account for the new TravelSouthDakota Industry Portal.

      Request a Business Account


Business Listings

Once a request for a Business Account has been approved, account holders may then request their listing(s). Each listing will go through a review and approval process by the Department of Tourism.

None of the information submitted for the Business Account will automatically carry over to the listing(s) details. Account holders will submit all information for each listing.

Please review the Business Listing Guidelines BEFORE submitting your listing request.

Once your listing(s) have been reviewed and approved, you will then be able to view them on There is not a preview option prior to them appearing on the website.

      Log in to the Industry Portal (you must first have an approved Business Account)



Click the “Forgot your password?” text link on the TravelSouthDakota Industry Portal login page, or you may access the same link here:

      Reset my Password for the Industry Portal




Business Listing Guidelines

Portal Instructions (PDF, April 2015 v5)

TravelSouthDakota Industry Portal login page




For more information, contact Kirk Hulstein, or Ann DeVany, at 605-773-3301 or