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Online Hospitality and Tourism Training

About the Program

Hospitality and Tourism Interactive

The Center for Business, Entrepreneurship & Tourism (CBET) at Black Hills State University, in partnership with Pearson Higher Ed, is pleased to offer state-of-the-art online training for your hospitality and tourism staff.

Hospitality & Tourism Interactive is an innovative, interactive application that gives a broad overview of the hospitality industry. Through activity-based learning, participants can explore each sector of the industry in a simulated environment and gain experience in developing customer service, service quality, and leadership skills.

Though designed by Pearson Higher Ed to supplement college coursework in Tourism & Hospitality, this application provides excellent training at a basic level through a user-friendly and fun tool. It is a great way for you and your staff to raise your skill levels in a self-paced environment that can be done from the office or from home at your convenience.

How to Register

Contact Barbara Zwetzig, CBET, Black Hills State University, at or 605-642-6276.

Employers need to provide the names and contact information for their employees to take the course. The price of the training is $80 per person or there is a group discount of $65 per person for eight or more enrollees.

Business owners/managers are required to submit and pay for their employees before any of the employees are able to access the training.

This training does meet the requirements for the Employee Hospitality Training component of the Great Service Star program.


Before anyone begins, each employer must register his or her employees with Barbara Zwetzig at Black Hills State University.

The business will receive a packet with the access cards to be used with the course number to access training.

Employers will receive progress reports for their employees, and must also register to take the training themselves.



Your place of employment must register you before you will be assigned a course number and an access card to access this training.

Contact your owner/manager/employer for information about participating in the training.

Any group or individual can register for this training on your own. Should you wish to register and pay for the training yourself, contact Barbara Zwetzig directly.

Additional Information

Training topics:

  • Tourism
  • Restaurant Management
  • Front and Back Operations
  • Kitchen Management
  • Hospitality Marketing
  • Beverage Management
  • Event Planning
  • Club Management
  • Human Resources
  • Supervision
  • Accounting and Finance

Program details:

  • CBET creates a course for your business and its enrolled employees.
  • CBET will invoice for the course and payment can be made to CBET by check or credit card.
  • Upon receipt of payment, HTi access cards and course packets with the course number for your business will be mailed.
  • The enrollees will then log into the Pearson website (instructions provided) and enroll in the course number provided.
  • Employers may designate which topics are required and a date by which those topics are to be completed.
  • Training summary grades populate to a gradebook for the instructor (CBET) which will be reported out to the employer.
  • Certificates of completion will be customized to your business course and issued to your “graduates.”
  • BONUS: Upon completion of the course, employees will still have access to the entire set of modules for up to two years, and may enjoy additional training in responsibilities to which they aspire. Employers may request additional courses and grade reports for up to two years for these same employees.

Get a sample of the training by viewing the promotional video.



Please contact Eileen Bertsch, Industry Relations Representative, for more information at 605-773-3301 or