South Dakota Department of Tourism -

2017 RFP – Advertising, Marketing & PR Services

Questions & Answers #101-125


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# 101

Q:   What are the most important target demographics you want to attract?

A:   Young families: age 25-45, $60-150K annual income; Active couples: age 25-45, $60-150K annual income; Bucket listers: 50+, $100K annual income.


# 102

Q:   Has the South Dakota visitor profile changed in the past two years?

A:   No, it really hasnít. You can view our most recent visitor profile here:


# 103

Q:   How will success be defined for the PR program?

A:   Increased media exposure, increased ad value from media coverage, and ability to raise awareness for South Dakota as a travel destination.


# 104

Q:  Who handles your social media channels?

A:   We have a full-time Social Media Manager who will work closely with our successful Offeror.


# 105

Q:   How is your program integrated and can you briefly describe how the inter-agency team works?

A:   You can find an org chart in our annual report: We have a Global Media & Public Relations team that is very hands on that works and communicates daily with the public relations agency of record. The departmentís team is the link between the agency and South Dakotaís tourism industry and the happenings and offerings that the state has. There are scheduled calls that the public relations team participates on with the department individually and also the other agencies of record to ensure the team is collaborative.


# 106

Q:   Component 2:  How are you currently measuring/defining social media success?

A:   Currently, we closely follow engagement, website referrals, lead generation and conversions plus audience reach/growth. Growth in any of these metrics is what we define as successes.


# 107

Q:   Component 2:  Will the lead creative agency be providing branded/campaign assets?

A:   Yes, more than likely. However, we are open to how this could work.


# 108

Q:   Component 2:  Does South Dakota Tourism have in place or anticipate creating any influencer agreements?

A:   We donít have any long-term agreements in place or anticipate any new ones prior to the completion of this RFP process.


# 109

Q:   Component 2:  Are you expecting to see a proposal that includes hands-on community management? If so, what are your response expectations (i.e. 2-hour window, business hours only, weekends and holidays included or excluded, etc.)?

A:   We would expect Offeror to help monitor channels and would work with them to define reasonable expectations like a two-four average response rate, monitoring business and peak hours, and what times of the week or year are dark.


# 110

Q:   Component 2:  How much data do you have about your target audience's current use of social media to get information about South Dakota destinations?

A:   We utilize platform insights and website analytics to monitor and understand our audienceís use of SD-branded channels, providing us with a fair amount of data. Weíve also just launched a data project that should allow us greater multi-channel attribution and provide more in-depth understanding of the role social media plays in our audienceís vacation planning.


# 111

Q:   Component 5:  How are you currently measuring/defining website success?

A:   Site engagement and sessions are monitored closely. Increasing those sessions that ultimately lead to an inquiry, generate a lead, specific page view or connection to any of our businesses listed on our consumer site is defined as a success.


# 112

Q:   Component 5:  What are the biggest marketing challenge when it comes to the website(s)?

A:   Making sure the user experience on the consumer site matches brand promise and shares what amazing experiences one can find in South Dakota. For the industry site, making sure it matches the look and feel of our consumer efforts while effectively communicating all the programs and resources the department makes available to the industry.


# 113

Q:   Component 5:  Is on a CMS? If so, which one?

A:   No, it is not, but we are leaning towards CMS. We are open to ideas.


# 114

Q:  Component 5:  Are there any other properties, sites or microsites outside of and that will need enhanced and/or maintained as part of this component?

A:   Not at this time.


# 115

Q:   Component 5:  What is your internal teamís involvement (including IT) in maintaining and/or hosting the sites today?

A:   For our consumer site, we currently make content updates using an open source CMS platform called Drupal. It is hosted by a 3rd party provider and our current agency of record is the point of contact. The industry site is updated internally using Dreamweaver. Historically, this site has been on our state servers. We do anticipate the industry site being redeveloped with a CMS and hosted on 3rd party servers. Our state standard is Microsoft ASP.Net language and IIS Web Server but we are open to seeing all options that you recommend. Regardless of where the site is hosted and how it is developed, the state still requires it to pass a site security scan.


# 116

Q:   Component 5:  Are you looking for your partner to serve as the liaison to third party site providers, such as hosting providers?

A:   Yes.


# 117

Q:   Component 5:  Approximately how many hours by your outside partner are being used weekly or monthly to maintain the current sites?

A:   Our current agreement is for 40 hours a month.


# 118

Q:   Component 5:  For both site redesigns, are there launch dates in mind?

A:   No firm dates are established. We would like to see the new industry site launch within 12 months of the contract being issued. On the consumer site, we have flexibility.


# 119

Q:   Component 5:  Are there any third-party content providers? (API, Tools, etc.)

A:   Our consumer site uses a content aggregator tool called Chute, a feed to our mobile app developed by Discover Anywhere, Personalized content by GetSmartContent, Trip Advisor Reviews API, Google Site Search API and a business listing feed using a custom CMS for our industry members to maintain their listings. We also have several pixels and site tags associated with different vendors for tracking and CRM purposes.


# 120

Q:   Component 5:  Do we need to consider any formal compliance requirements not mentioned in the RFP? For example, accessibility standards per WCAG 2.0 / WAI.

A:   Yes, we expect it to meet all industry standard requirements.


# 121

Q:   Component 5:  Are you looking for your website partner to write new copy for the site or will the lead agency handle this?

A:   The website partner would write the copy.


# 122

Q:   Component 6:  How are you currently measuring/defining email program success?

A:   We monitor engagement closely and define success by increases in inquiries, promotion-specific conversions and site referrals generated.


# 123

Q:   Component 6:  What is the current ESP and database size?

A:   We do not have this information available.


# 124

Q:   Component 6:  Do you have any segmentation data on your email subscribers?

A:   We have roughly 680,000 subscribers. We have this list segmented by different interest types, but the primary lists we message to are 30,000 subscribers flagged for Events and 19,000 subscribers flagged for Outdoors.


# 125

Q:   Component 6:  Approximately how many emails are currently designed and developed on a weekly or monthly basis?

A:   We design and deploy three emails monthly with additional promotional or campaign-related sends as needed.



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