South Dakota Department of Tourism -

2017 RFP – Advertising, Marketing & PR Services

Questions & Answers #26-50


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# 26

Q:   (Component Four)  Do you have a preferred or required media monitoring/reporting tool?

A:   We do not. We would leave this up to the agency that we contract with.


# 27

Q:   (Component Four)  What is the estimated expense budget that the PR firm will manage annually? (for all out of pocket PR activations I.e. FAMs, in-market media events, agency travel, etc.)

A:   The expense budget depends upon who the successful Offeror is and what PR plan we agree to with them. We can’t give you a definitive dollar figure right now.


# 28

Q:   (Component Four)  What is the total PR budget annually?

A:   It is around $375,000 to $400,000.


# 29

Q:   (Component Four)  What is the total retainer paid to the PR firm for PR services annually?

A:   This will depend upon who the successful Offeror is and what we mutually agree to during contract negotiations.


# 30

Q:   (Component Four)  Per section 4.13 re: conflict of interest – can you share which states, regions, and cities are considered to be conflicts of interest to South Dakota Department of Tourism?

A:   Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Nebraska.


# 31

Q:   (Component Four)  Per section 4.13 re: conflict of interest – would you find it a conflict of interest if your PR firm’s parent company was the AOR for North Dakota Tourism, yet the PR firm is an independently run subsidiary operating separate from its parent company? (we’re two separate brands, operating in different cities and there are no shared networks, nor files, nor crossover of teams). We each successfully represent competing states already.

A:   No, we would not consider it a conflict.


# 32

Q:   (Component Four)  How is your tourism office structured internally? Can you share the titles and roles that will work with the PR agency partner?

A:   Here is a link to our 2016 Annual Report which identifies our org structure, teams, titles, etc. (see page 4) – We do have a Global Media and PR Team which consists of two team members.


# 33

Q:   (Component Four)  How is your $8 million budget split between advertising, marketing and public relations?

A:   It varies from year to year depending upon our strategy, tactics, campaigns, etc. We are curious to see in your proposal and plan how much you think we should spend on effective PR outreach.


# 34

Q:   (Component Four)  Can you provide the historical budget for public relations support and what proportion of it was for program implementation vs. expenses?

A:   The PR budget has remained around $375,000 to $400,000 for the past several years. The bulk of the budget is spent on implementation.


# 35

Q:   (Component Four)  What destinations do you consider to be within your competitive set? Similarly, what destinations do you consider to be aspirational to you?

A:   See answer above for competitive states. We feel strongly that we have the product in South Dakota that is appealing to Americans from all regions of the country. We are keeping a close eye on the Pacific Northwest as interest and inquiries are increasing from that region.


# 36

Q:   (Component Four)  What are the hurdles South Dakota faces amongst your target demographic? / What factors do you feel are affecting your target consumer from selecting South Dakota?

A:   Awareness of our product and what we have to offer are hurdles. Accessibility can also be an issue at times (air service). We are still very much a drive market.


# 37

Q:   (Component Four)  Who is evaluating the public relations proposal submissions? What are their roles?

A:   Senior members/directors of the South Dakota Department of Tourism – see org chart in annual report.


# 38

Q:   (Component Two)  What is your annual social media budget currently?

A:   Around $300,000.


# 39

Q:  (Component Two)  Please breakdown your annual social media budget for agency retainer vs. expenses (for ad buying, influencer programs, content, etc.)?

A:   Roughly $195,000 went into advertising and campaign expenses with the rest being dedicated to development and channel management, monitoring and reporting.


# 40

Q:   (Component Two)  What is your average annual spend for influencer programs?

A:   We’re on pace to spend $17,000 on influencer programs in 2017, with interest to grow this program in the years ahead.


# 41

Q:   (Component Two)  What is your average annual spend for securing new content?

A:   This is tough to estimate right now as it has varied over the years and has been a part of our influencer programs and UGC. We are definitely interested in establishing a dedicated annual budget for securing new content.


# 42

Q:   (Component Two)  What is your preferred or required social media analytics tool?

A:   We do not have a preference and have used Hootsuite, Simply Measured and various available platform insights in conjunction with Google Analytics for site referral traffic.


# 43

Q:   (Component Two)  What is your preferred or required social media monitoring tool?

A:   We use, or have used, Simply Measured and Hootsuite, with Chute and Crowdriff for UGC.


# 44

Q:   (Component Two)  What is your annual budget for social media ad buying for 2017/2018?

A:   Around $120,000.


# 45

Q:   (Component Two)  What did you spend in 2016/2017 for social media ad buying?

A:   Around $110,000.


# 46

Q:   (Component Two)  What is your current status and policy on influencer programs? i.e. working with local vs. national influencers? Do you have budget parameters on your annual influencer budget program?

A:   Our policy and budget parameters are open to what works best for our desired goals and needs. Typically, it has been those with a social audience of 50,000+ and budgets have ranged from $750–$3,000 and include posts, content, visual assets, etc.


# 47

Q:   (Component Two)  Can you breakdown each element of your social media budget – agency retainer, content, influencer programs, ad buying, etc.?

A:   Answered above.


# 48

Q:   (Component Two)  How are you currently obtaining media/assets for social posts?

A:   Internal and UGC.


# 49

Q:   (Component Two)  What is your current social post approval process?

A:   Directed and approved by the Social Media Manager and our Global Marketing and Brand Strategy Team.


# 50

Q:   (Component Two)  What tools are you currently using to manage your social channels, social listening and social reporting?

A:   We’re always very open to best practices or tools that can help achieve greater results and streamline processes. Again, over the years, we have used Hootsuite and Simply Measured; Crowdriff and Chute for UGC.



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