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2017 RFP – Print Material Services

The South Dakota Department of Tourism is seeking the professional services of a marketing agency with extensive experience in tourism marketing to work as collaborative partners to promote South Dakota as a travel destination to regional, national and international markets. This RFP is to identify the most qualified agency to carry out the South Dakota Department of Tourism’s print design and publication objectives. This includes the annual Vacation Guide, multi-language international guides, and other printed publications and guides as necessary.


Request for Proposals
RFP# 1085

(PDF – 65 KB)

Addendum to RFP# 1085

August 17, 2017   (PDF – 65 KB)

Deadline to Submit Proposals:
Friday, August 25, 2017, 5:00 p.m. CST

Questions should be directed to James Hagen, South Dakota Department of Tourism, at All questions and responses in regard to the RFP will be posted below, as received.

The deadline for submitting written inquiries or questions is Friday, August 11, 2017, at 5:00 p.m. CST. Responses will be posted on or before Friday, August 18, 2017.

Questions & Answers

(The newest questions and responses will be added at the bottom.)



# 1

Q:   Is there a formal scoring system being used for this evaluation? If so, please advise how the points will be allocated for each element of the international guide proposal?

A:   See attachment.


# 2

Q:   How important in your evaluation for the international guide will be in-market consumer distribution provided by the publisher?

A:   The publisher will only be responsible for creation of the brochure and not distribution. We already have distribution channels in place.


# 3

Q:   How important in your evaluation for the international guide will be in-market promotion of the guide to prospective international visitors?

A:   In-market promotion of the guide is very important and is a key aspect for this project.


# 4

Q:  The normal pricing for a job such as the International Guide is a flat rate including editorial, design, translations, production, printing, binding, packaging, shipping and (with most of our guides) consumer distribution in at least one feeder market. Is this acceptable to you?

A:   We are not looking to have the publisher do any of the distribution at this time. Please make sure to include the total cost for editorial, design, translations, production, printing, binding, packaging and shipping.


# 5

Q:   In the RFP it is stated that the contract is for three years. Do you anticipate producing the International Guide on an annual basis during these three years? If not, what is the proposed duration of usage of the International Guide?

A:   We are looking to have this piece have a shelf life of around 3 years.


# 6

Q:   If this is meant to be an annual International Guide, we find the quantities to be quite high for some markets. If you plan on using this Guide in all markets in which RMI is active plus China, and if some market specific information (such as transportation options) is included in each guide (which would be natural), we believe that the following might be more appropriate in terms of the number of versions and quantities for each:
          English (UK Version): 5,000
          English (Scandinavia Version): 5,000
          English (Australia/NZ Version): 5,000
          French: 5,000
          Italian: 5,000
          German: 10,000
Please could you reconfirm that we should use the quantities as in the RFP. If not, please advise the revised quantities required.

A:   Since this is not an annual piece, the quantities will be 15,000 per language.


# 7

Q:   Is the Chinese language version meant to be Simplified Chinese for use in the PRC only?

A:   We are only looking to have Simplified Chinese at this time for this brochure since it will be used in the People's Republic of China.


# 8

Q:   If Taiwan is to be included in the list of markets in which you will want to have a Guide, Traditional Chinese would be the appropriate language version. Please clarify and confirm that you require only 15,000 copies of a guide written in Simplified Chinese only. If not, please advise the required quantities for Traditional Chinese for Taiwan as well. Please note that Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese Guides are not interchangeable.

A:   We are not looking to have Traditional Chinese at this time.


# 9

Q:   In the RFP you indicate shipping of the International Guides to Zip Code 57501. Please reconfirm that is the case and that you plan to ship guides to the markets in which they will be used.

A:   All produced brochures must be shipped to Zip Code 57501.


# 10

Q:   Our experience has been that if the bulk of the copies are used in-market it is more efficient to print in or close to the market. Would you want us to include that option in our proposal? If so, please advise and provide as much detail as is possible at this time regarding the location of the recipient in each country.

A:   No, we do not need them shipped to our overseas offices.


# 11

Q:   Can the Publisher sell advertising in the International Guides?

A:   We are not looking to have any advertising space in this piece.


# 12

Q:   For clarity, is the total pagination of the International Guides 16 pages?

A:   We are looking at producing a 16-page inspiration piece (2 pages for the covers and 14 pages of copy).


# 13

Q:   The trim size of 8 x 10.875 is slightly unusual. Is 8.375 x 10.875 acceptable? This is the normal trim size for a US printer.

A:   8.375 x 10.875 is an acceptable trim size.


# 14

Q:  The normal trim size for international guides is A4. This is the standard rack size in Europe. Would you prefer the international guides to be printed at A4 size?

A:   We would like to see a proposal with the A4 trim size.


# 15

Q:   How important is it that the selected publisher has previously produced international guides in UK, France, Germany, Italy and China? Must they have previously produced guides in all of these languages and in all of these markets?

A:   The publisher must have prior experience producing international guides in all of the selected markets. They must also have qualified translating services to ensure proper translations.


# 16

Q:   Are you considering traditional advertising agencies only for this proposal?

A:   We are looking for a marketing firm that has extensive experience in creating domestic and International Travel guides.


# 17

Q:   Would you welcome a response from an agency who could fulfill portions of the proposal but would need to outsource translation and printing services?

A:   Yes, as long as the translation service that you chose to use is reputable and can be confirmed.


# 18

Q:   Would you consider an agency that does not have vacation guide experience or samples but does have experience of the tourism and travel industry?

A:   We will be giving priority to agencies that can prove that they have experience producing International and Domestic Travel guides.


# 19

Q:   Are the design samples for vacation guides and international print guides required for submission?

A:   Mockups are not required for this RFP, but you must be able to produce past Travel brochure experience.


# 20

Q:   Are the size specifications fixed or will there be room for suggestions?

A:   We are looking to have the International piece in A4 or a similar size. As for the Vacation Guide we are open for suggestions.


# 21

Q:   Will the files need to be done in a certain design application or will it be up to the agency?

A:   We will leave the design application up to the agency.


# 22

Q:   Is there an agency size requirement for the RFP?

A:   Size of agency does not matter.