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Logo Usage

The South Dakota logo can be used by private businesses at no cost to the user. It's available as digital artwork from the Department of Tourism, below (high-resolution, scalable downloads). Both the script and whole logo were slightly revised in 2014. Please begin using these files to update your marketing materials.

The following pointers will assist you in using the logo correctly. With questions or to have your layout reviewed, contact Thad Friedeman, Creative Strategies Manager, at the Department of Tourism by phone at 605-773-3301 or by e-mail at

Logo Usage Pointers:

  • When printing in color, the recommended color breakout is as follows: South Dakota script, red; faces of Mount Rushmore, gold; Great Faces. Great Places. slogan, green.
  • When printing on coated paper, use PMS 1805c for a strong, solid red; PMS 874c for shiny, metallic gold; and PMS 555c for a rich green.
  • When printing on uncoated paper, use PMS 192u for red; PMS 466u for gold; and PMS 555u for green.
  • The logo also can be printed in a single color (e.g., black ink on white paper).
    To do so, follow these specifications.
  • Each of the logo's three elements - the South Dakota script, the four faces, and the Great Faces. Great Places. slogan - can be used alone or combined with another element. The script can be used with or without a drop shadow.
  • To ensure proper angle of the South Dakota script, line up the bottom of “Dakota.” The script is not to be split apart. Examples of appropriate angle and positioning are provided.
  • Review the unacceptable applications of the logo.

Examples of Script Alone and Full Logo:

South Dakota Script

       Great Faces, Great Places

       Great Faces, Great Places

High-Resolution Downloads of Script and Full Logo:

South Dakota Script (black and white)
(EPS format)

Great Faces, Great Places. logo (black and white)
(EPS format)

Great Faces, Great Places. logo (color)
(EPS format)


State Seal

The South Dakota State Seal is available through our Department with prior approval from the Secretary of State's office. Call 605-773-3537 to request permission to reproduce the seal. They can provide email verification of approval to Thad Friedeman at