COVID-19 Travel Restrictions on Tribal Lands in South Dakota


July 30, 2020

Industry members are encouraged to share the following information with visitors regarding the COVID-19 checkpoints on tribal lands in South Dakota. We hope to alert our guests of the current highway delays and to avoid potential rerouting once they arrive at the checkpoints. These checkpoints have been put in place by the tribes to protect their residents from additional COVID-19 exposure. As of late July:

Pine Ridge Reservation:

Through traffic is allowed within the Pine Ridge Reservation. Travel delays should be expected due to checkpoint screening stations.

Cheyenne River Reservation

Travelers should expect checkpoints at all entry points to the Cheyenne River Reservation. State highways are restricted to commercial, local, and essential service traffic only.


Rerouting Assistance and 5-1-1 displays the locations of the checkpoints and can help you route around them, as well as avoid road construction and other potential travel delays. We recommend utilizing our printable one-sheeter to share the information and locations of current checkpoints with visitors plus find links to larger, region-specific maps for use.These maps indicate a travel disruption at tribal highway intersections.



Department of Tourism COVID-19 Resource Page
State of South Dakota COVID-19 website