Hostings & Familiarization Tours

Consider partnering with Travel South Dakota to host media and travel professionals. A third-party endorsement of our state is one of the best ways both your business and South Dakota as a whole can receive publicity. Featured businesses and attractions often report an increase in visitor inquiries immediately following the release of an article or broadcast of a television program. Tour operators and travel agents book lodging, attractions and restaurants following familiarization tours for their clients.

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Domestic and International Media Hostings

Group Press trips and individual hostings are a proven tactic when it comes to spreading the South Dakota message to consumers through targeted media outlets. Results of media hostings continue long after the journalist, television crew or radio host has left the state. Many times, multiple articles are published and shows produced as the result of one trip to the state. The residual impact that these points of contact create is what makes these programs successful.

In addition to hostings, our team works with the South Dakota visitor industry to discover 1.) “what’s new” in our destination, and 2.) interesting angles that we can pitch to regional, national and international media. Our team would love to keep an open dialogue with you to best represent South Dakota.

Katlyn Svendsen
Global Public Relations & Content Services Senior Director, 605-773-3301
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Ciara Forest
Global Media & Public Relations Representative, 605-773-3301
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Social Media Influencer Hostings

Influencer hostings provide great opportunities for spreading the South Dakota message to followers and potential visitors. First-hand, authentic posts provide a new way to reach and influence their social media audience while also garnering awareness about South Dakota’s travel offerings.

Stephanie Spronk
Social Media Manager & Global Media Representative, 605-773-3301
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Domestic and International Travel Trade Hostings

Familiarization tours are a great tool when marketing to the travel trade (tour operators and travel agents). Every year Travel South Dakota works with dozens of travel trade professionals from across the globe on setting up tours and site inspections around South Dakota. These familiarization tours are important because tour operators and travel agents are more likely to book their clients with a lodging facility, restaurant or attraction that they personally have experienced and have seen firsthand. Along with helping bring familiarization tours to your destination the Global Travel & Trade team continually acts as the connecting piece that brings travel professionals and South Dakota destinations and businesses together. We are also consistently collecting information from destinations and businesses across the state to promote to the travel trade with. If you have any questions on how you can either host a familiarization tour or connect with travel trade professionals, please contact our team.

Cole Irwin
Global Travel & Trade Senior Director, 605-773-3301
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Kyler Flock
Global Travel & Trade Representative, 605-773-3301
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Global Travel & Trade Representative, 605-773-3301
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