Forever 605
Stewardship Campaign

In accordance with Travel South Dakota’s strategic vision, our Forever 605 campaign strives to strike the right balance between the positive economic impacts of visitors to our communities and the correlated implications for responsible utilization and maintenance of our natural resources, stewardship of our community assets, and the preservation of the state tourism industry’s world-famous hospitality and of our South Dakota way of life.

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The campaign must be flexible to focus on the following:​

  • Building awareness of lesser-known visitor experiences statewide and proactively promoting South Dakota as a year-round destination​
  • Educating residents and visitors on the importance of responsible travel practices
  • Preserving cultural heritage and supporting local businesses
  • Consistently connecting with residents, listening to their perspectives and proactively sharing the positive contribution tourism makes to South Dakota’s way of life​
Forever 605 Day

In 2024, we evolved "605 Day" — June 5 — to become "Forever 605 Day".​ As one of only 12 states in America to have a single area code, South Dakota has long used “605” in advertising and casual lingo, and it has grown to become a part of our state culture. 605 stands for a great place to live and play, and Forever 605 means we want to keep it that way.

Everyone — cities, CVBs, industry members, restaurants, attractions, and small businesses — is encouraged to share the #Forever605 love by inviting your fans and followers to celebrate by doing something uniquely 605! That could mean hosting your own swag giveaway, doing a Forever 605 Day-themed discount, hosting a Forever 605 Day block party, etc. Be sure to tag #Forever605 in your social media posts. See the DIGITAL TOOLKIT, below, for even more tools for promoting Forever 605.

Stewardship Issues

What issues we hope to positively impact:

  • Picking up trash​
  • Staying on the trail​
  • Seasonal outdoor preparedness tips​
  • Respecting wildlife
  • Shopping locally
  • Respecting frontline workers​
  • Roadtrip preparedness​
  • Cultural integrity
  • Hunting/Fishing best practices​
Extension Ideas
  • Tourism Conference integration / workshops
  • co-op opportunities
  • physical presence (signage at trailheads)
  • certifications
  • low-impact travel itineraries and audience focus
  • engaging influencers


How To Get Involved: DIGITAL TOOLKIT
  1. Visit, sign the pledge and get a free Forever 605 sticker. Then, encourage others to do so, too. (See tips and tools, below, for ways to do that.)
  2. Request a Forever 605 Toolkit (limit one per entity). 
  3. Order free Forever 605 Gear and collateral for your employees, business and community. (Quantities are limited.)
  4. Download and post the Forever 605 Pledge.
  5. Share and #Forever605 on your social channels, websites and in emails.

    Open or download this PDF of social post examples (2024). Included on each page is a link to download the graphics and videos for you to use in your own Forever 605 promotions on June 5 and all year long.

    Here is a Dropbox link to social post examples (2023), including images and copy that are ready to download and use.
  6. Download the logo. (If you need another version besides JPG or PNG, contact Travel South Dakota.)

    Forever 605 Travel Respectfully logo

    download JPG    |    download PNG (white background)    |    download PNG (transparent background)
  7. Review the one-sheeter of 11 ways to connect into the Forever 605 campaign.
  8. Watch the April 2, 2024, webinar by Mike Gussiaas and Calvin Bloemendaal and refer to the presentation deck for updates going into year 2 of the campaign.
  9. Watch Jim Hagen and Mike Gussiaas' campaign kickoff webinar recording and refer to the presentation deck from June 15, 2023.


Creative Examples



Display banners:
Forever 605 display banner ads

Forever 605 display banner ads 2

Four-page spread:

Forever 605 four-page magazine spread


Gear: T-shirt, cap and water bottle:
Forever 605 T-shirt, hat and water bottle




For more information, please contact Mike Gussiaas, Chief Marketing & Creative Officer, at [email protected], or Erin Weinzettel, Global Marketing & Brand Strategy Director, at [email protected].