Marketing Overview
Maintaining and Expanding South Dakota's Brand Presence

With world-renowned monuments, breathtaking landscapes, warm hospitality, rich Native American culture, and Western heritage, South Dakota is a state with a unique brand story to tell. As representatives of the great faces and great places of South Dakota, it's our responsibility to make sure our year-round and seasonal campaigns & programs target the right regional, national and international audiences. To succeed, we use the most effective channels to place award-winning creative that stands out, all while staying ahead of the evolution in how people plan their vacations. 

We’re proud of the increased awareness we’ve made through our efforts in target markets, and we’re always looking for ways to involve more of our partners throughout the state. We want to share what we’ve learned to make the industry better. Travel South Dakota's cooperative marketing programs will help you find more ways than ever to actively participate in our targeted marketing campaigns. By pooling resources, we can reach a broader audience and make your advertising dollars go further.