2012 A.H. Pankow Award

Presented to
Bob Faehn

Photo of Governor Daugaard and Bob Faehn
Governor Dennis Daugaard presents the
2012 A.H. Pankow Award to Bob Faehn, Watertown, 

at the 2012 Governor's Conference on Tourism.

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The A.H. Pankow Award recognizes a member of the broadcast media, print media, or public relations industry who has shown superior interest in and coverage of the South Dakota visitor industry. Pankow was the first publicity director for the State of South Dakota.

The 2012 A.H. Pankow award is presented to Bob Faehn, General Manager of KXLG Live & Local Radio in Watertown. He promotes South Dakota's visitor industry through a unique programming approach.

Bob created a “live and local” radio station that invites community members to drop by and talk about businesses, events and hot topics. The owner of this station, a former South Dakota legislator, developed the concept to meet the needs of the community and to promote the visitor attractions in the city of Watertown.

Bob is also an instrumental part of Watertown’s Rooster Rush efforts welcoming hunters to the area.