2018 A.H. Pankow Award

Presented to
Midwest Living Magazine/
the Meredith Corporation

Photo of Jim Hagen, Katy Hildman and Governor Dennis Daugaard
Secretary Jim Hagen and Governor Dennis Daugaard present the
2018 A.H. Pankow Award to Katy Hildman with
Midwest Living Magazine/the Meredith Corporation

at the 2018 Governor's Conference on Tourism.

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Every year, the A.H. Pankow Award is presented to a representative of the broadcast media, print media or public relations industry who has shown superior interest in and coverage of the South Dakota visitor industry.

A.H. Pankow was the first publicity director for the State of South Dakota and this award honors his vision for getting coverage of the state.

The 2018 award was presented to Midwest Living Magazine/the Meredith Corporation (Midwest Living), represented by Katy Hildman.

Midwest Living has been a longtime advocate for South Dakota travel. They have gone the extra mile – literally – to tell the story of our destinations to their millions of readers and online followers.

They have showcased winter activities in the state, monumental experiences, culinary finds and communities large and small across South Dakota in print, digital and social media.

They have found unique angles to take when telling the story to readers, and produce and source photography that makes South Dakota look even more beautiful.

Frequently after publishing a piece on South Dakota or placing an advertisement in this magazine, the Department of Tourism receives visitor inquires almost immediately – showcasing the power of this relationship. Our winner’s writers and editors know South Dakota as well most of us living here and they are consistently touting the state as a “must-see” to the entire country.

For showcasing so much of our state to its readers in fun and interesting ways, Midwest Living Magazine/the Meredith Corporation was recognized with the 2018 A.H. Pankow Award.