2024 Marketing Campaign
"So Much South Dakota, So Little Time"

Complementing the 2023 Marketing Campaign, which focused on showing travelers you can skip the lines and find experiences filled with exploration and discover a truly transformational and fulfilling vacation in South Dakota, the 2024 campaign reminds individuals that to be open to the indescribable also requires the capacity to be present with life. And when in South Dakota – you can do just that.

The 2024 campaign displays the beauty in the real, the raw, unfiltered, and unplanned. Our goal is to provide an authentic look into what people experience during the moments they vacation in South Dakota. Through a variety of traditional, digital, and out-of-home elements, the “So Much South Dakota, So Little Time” campaign will continue to showcase all that there is to explore when you vacation in our state.


“So Much South Dakota, So Little Time” drives brand awareness and qualified traffic to the Travel South Dakota website through strategic, behavior-based placement and tactics that will…

  • Reach and inspire high-value, mystery-starved travelers in their dream phase of vacation planning.
  • Spark consideration among key cohorts through highly engaging tactics, influencing itineraries and trip planning to South Dakota.
  • Retarget South Dakota site visitors and ad engagers with compelling messaging that results in booking trip accommodations.

Based on our data and past visitor behavior, we have identified these core audience segments to target with our campaign:

  • Memory Makers (Families, 25-44, HHI: $60-150K, Children in HH, Family is everything)
  • Moment Seekers (Older Couples, Age 50+, HHI: $100K+, No Children)
  • Thrill Chasers (Younger Couples, 25-44, HHI: $50-100K, No Children)
  • Known Travelers (visitors within each segment who have already shown an intent to book)

We continue to focus on traditionally strong performing states (legacy markets), while also extending our reach to data-driven emerging markets. In addition, high-level brand awareness messaging will be placed nationwide to reach travelers during the entire summer planning and traveling months.

  • Nationwide
  • Dallas, Texas DMA
  • Colorado (with stronger emphasis in Denver DMA)
  • Illinois
  • Iowa (with stronger emphasis in Des Moines DMA)
  • Kansas City DMA
  • Minnesota (with stronger emphasis in Minneapolis DMA)
  • Montana
  • Nebraska (with stronger emphasis in Omaha DMA)
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming
Timing and Tactics

The 2024 peak marketing campaign kicked-off on February 11 with 30-second and 60-second video placements in the 2024 Super Bowl targeting our core DMAs of Denver, Des Moines, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Sioux Falls, Rapid City, and Omaha. The efforts generated more than 5.2 million impressions to a captivated and engaged audience to establish a brand presence in our peak target markets. Following the Super Bowl, linear TV, connected TV, and online video continued to showcase the spots, with efforts through social, email and paid search supported the messaging.

Following the One-Hit-Wonder Super Bowl blitz, during the key travel planning timeframe, general peak marketing efforts began in March including a full mix of media placements with connected TV/online video, digital audio, digital display and paid social. In addition, traditional elements with out-of-home, print and linear TV during key sporting events and on highly viewed programming maximized brand exposure and market impact.

Alongside regional placement in core target markets, national Travel South Dakota messaging aimed at reaching high-valued audiences begins in mid-March. The "So Much South Dakota, So Little Time" messaging was shared on Paramount+ and YouTube TV. A continuation from efforts in 2023, digital audio was shared through podcasts in partnership with Atlas Obscura, Bobby Bones, Sporkful, Office Ladies and Better Tomorrow with Hannah Brown.

Partnerships & Niche Campaigns

Supporting the core Regional and National campaigns, we look to our partnership and niche campaigns to further inspire trip planners to uncover the undiscovered, educate travelers about the history of South Dakota and celebrate the cultures and offerings we have today. Our overall goal in these partnerships and niche campaigns is for our audience to incorporate more destinations and experiences while traveling in South Dakota.

We do this in a variety of ways; however, we strongly believe our Community Cooperative Marketing Program and A La Carte Cooperative Marketing Program is the core to accomplishing this goal. Learn more about the Cooperative Marketing Programs and their efforts here.

In addition, for a second year in a row, niche campaigns will launch beginning in May to further educate audiences on South Dakota offerings. The Arts & Culture campaign will again invite visitors to cultivate their creative side through art offerings found across the state. The Native American Culture campaign will share more of the history in South Dakota and showcase the cultural experience and stories within our Indigenous communities.

And throughout the year our stewardship campaign, Forever 605, will supplement all campaigns with supporting key messages to hyper-targeted visitors and residents who are enjoying all that our state has to offer, respectfully.


So Much South Dakota, So Little Time – Escape :30 video

So Much South Dakota, So Little Time – Social Network :30 video

So Much South Dakota, So Little Time – Capture the Moment :30 video



So Much South Dakota, So Little Time – South Dakota Magazine two-page spread

Travel South Dakota 2024 South Dakota Magazine spread

Out of Home

Minneapolis/Saint Paul Airport advertising:

Travel South Dakota 2024 MSP Airport advertising

Travel South Dakota 2024 MSP Airport advertising, overhead

Niche Campaigns

Termesphere Gallery, Spearfish
Arts & Culture Campaign
Powwow in South Dakota
Native American Culture Campaign
Pheasant hunting in South Dakota
Hunt the Greatest Campaign
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