Rooster Rush 2021 Promotional Materials

The Department of Tourism has created some examples of possible Rooster Rush promotional materials. The poster shown may be requested, at no charge, from the Department of Tourism. The t-shirts shown may be ordered via Embroidery & Screen Works' online shop. The cap and ads shown are for inspiration, only.


Description:  12-inches x 18.5-inches

Price:  Free upon request (up to 25 per community, based on overall demand).
Request from [email protected].

Rooster Rush 2021 poster

A printer-friendly file (PDF with bleeds) is also available for you to print your own posters.



Available to order via the Embroidery & Screen Works online shop. Three style and color options are available, with all three having the same design. Promotional Funds may be used for payment.

PLEASE NOTE: The deadline to order is 11 a.m. on Friday, September 10, and the shirts are scheduled to be delivered to purchasers by EASW on September 24. Once you get to the EASW online shop, you may create an account, but it is not required to place an order. (If you create an account, you will be able to access your EASW order history in future years.) *** In the online shop website, any references to "SD Rooster Rush" = Embroidery & Screen Works, not the Department of Tourism. ***

Rooster Rush 2021 t-shirt


CAP - example

These caps are not available through the Department of Tourism. This is an example of what you can order with the new logo through a vendor of your choosing.

Rooster Rush 2021 cap example


These ad examples are for placement and use of logo, only.

Rooster Rush 2021 ad example 1

Rooster Rush 2021 ad example 2

Rooster Rush 2021 ad example 3

Rooster Rush 2021 ad example 4




For more information, contact Thad Friedeman, Senior Marketing Services Coordinator, at 605-773-3301 or [email protected].