South Dakota Rooster Rush 2023

Pheasant hunting is a major draw for South Dakota each fall. It is a tradition for many families and friends in communities across the state and country. Travel South Dakota is once again joining with South Dakota communities to celebrate this tradition with the Rooster Rush campaign.

This program offers a great opportunity to welcome hunters, conservationists, families and friends into your communities this fall. Don't miss this chance to get your community involved.


Travel South Dakota promotes this campaign statewide in an effort to involve as many communities as possible. We're prepared to help communities across South Dakota get started with their own Rooster Rush promotion.

  • We offer funding assistance. There is limited availability. Requests will be reviewed and approved by Travel South Dakota.

               DEADLINE: Wednesday, August 23, 2023

               AWARD DEADLINE: Wednesday, November 15, 2023

  • As an industry member who benefits from and supports outdoor enthusiasts, you will show hunters that South Dakota has outstanding pheasant hunting and works collaboratively to welcome hunters from every corner of the country and the world.
  • Promoting Rooster Rush in your community and, if possible, hosting special Rooster Rush events will make out-of-state hunters feel welcome, and could keep them coming back year after year.

We put together a Rooster Rush Toolkit that will help you develop your own Rooster Rush promotion. The kit includes logo files, logo usage guidelines, ideas for events and promotions in your community, economic impact information, media relations strategies and social media outlets.



For more information, contact Thad Friedeman, Senior Marketing Services Coordinator, at 605-773-5329 or [email protected].