South Dakota Native Tourism


South Dakota Native Tourism Alliance

The South Dakota Native Tourism Alliance (SDNTA) is an ad hoc network of representatives from the nine federally recognized Tribal Nations in South Dakota, and local, state, and federal partners, working together to assess the potential for Indigenous Tourism. The SDNTA members are working together to develop tourism as a catalyst for economic growth. SDNTA developed a five-year strategic plan to sustainably and ethically develop Indigenous Tourism in South Dakota. A summary of the strategic plan is available here:

Native American Tourism Development & Management Plan, South Dakota, 2020-2025

The George Washington University International Institute of Tourism Studies, as part of a technical assistance project funded by the Bureau of Indian Affairs Office of Indian Energy and Economic Development, is supporting the establishment of the SDNTA.

If you are interested in more information or participating in the SDNTA, contact Seleni Matus or Beth Wright:

George Washington University SDNTA Contacts

Seleni Matus, Executive Director, GWU IITS
[email protected]

Beth Wright, Project Manager, GWU IITS 
[email protected]