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Travel South Dakota launched the State of Create Passport in July 2022, the second free mobile-exclusive pass in our partnership with Bandwango. State of Create was created, in collaboration with the South Dakota Arts Council, to make it even more fun for consumers to find the artistic treasures across the state. Using gamification, the State of Create Passport encourages people to explore and experience hidden gems found throughout South Dakota.



With the pass, visitors and locals can check in to designated State of Create locations to unlock a broad range of prizes based on the number of locations visited. The program delivery is seamless, with no app download needed. Instead, the pass is easily accessed through Participant location redemption is followed through GPS-based tracking, with prize redemption tracked with the participant's passport application. Prizes are then shipped directly to participants. Click below to find a complete summary (PDF) of the State of Create Passport program:

State of Create Passport summary



This free program is designed to attract visitors to lesser-known sites throughout South Dakota, at no cost to participating businesses, events and locations. Travel South Dakota awards prizes to participating consumers who check in at stops, each stop is worth 10 points. Prizes range from local artist stickers (100 points) to a South Dakota Osprey backpack (500 points). For more information, check out our official State of Create page on

South Dakota State of Create Passport


How It Works

The passport is a mobile-exclusive passport with no purchase necessary. Participants sign up to access the passport on and receive an email confirmation to view their passport. The location redemption process is GPS-based, with visitors simply checking in to each location from their phone’s home screen.

South Dakota Passports steps


The State of Create Passport and points gathered through check-ins expire on April 1, 2024. Following April 1, 2024, passport holders are required to register for the passport again.



Locations Materials

Each featured business is provided with a State of Create window cling and poster (examples, below). Businesses should display one or both of these elements prominently so visitors know they’ve found the correct location. Redemption instructions should be kept on hand for employees to reference if visitors have questions about the program. Download this PDF:

Redemption Instructions for South Dakota Passports

Download PDF of State of Create Poster


South Dakota State of Create window cling and poster

Passport Elements

As a key component of Travel South Dakota's marketing campaigns, the State of Create Passport will receive strong promotion through Travel South Dakota-owned channels. The passports will be promoted on with website personalization efforts, social media pushes and email program callouts, along with display and social promotion through paid media efforts.


How to Promote

Travel South Dakota is excited to promote the State of Create Passport through paid and owned media; however, it's appreciated when others want to assist in promoting the program. Here are a few ways in which communities, businesses and locals can promote the passport programs:

  • Request Collateral: Travel South Dakota has posters and bookmarks providing visitors with an overview of the passport program & prizes. Businesses may request posters and/or bookmarks to display by contacting Travel South Dakota.South Dakota Passports poster and bookmark

    Download PDF of South Dakota Passports poster

  • Share on Social: Being a location on the passport provides bragging rights. Businesses, events and locations can share the great news with their social followers. Tout that the passport will bring locals and visitors alike to your community and businesses. In need of a social media image? Download one of these badges:

    State of Create social badge

    State of Create social badge with background

  • Spread the Word: If you are a current passport location or local business, share with visitors the next nearest passport location, assisting passport holders to continue their journey or simply to start their passport adventure.

How to Get Involved

Would you consider your business a hidden gem in the arts community of South Dakota? Do you know of one we should include? Each 12-month cycle, Travel South Dakota will revamp each passport with new businesses, events and/or locations. We’d love to potentially add your recommendations to the program in the future! Contact Alexa Dorn with Travel South Dakota for more information.



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For more information, please contact Alexa Dorn, Marketing Campaigns & Projects Manager, at 605-400-1450 or [email protected].


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